Contact our team of Europa coaches Paris and we will happily send you on your way with one of our modern coaches around Paris. The soaring Eiffel Tower, the mammoth Louvre Museum, the cathedral of Notre-Dame are just a few things you must see. The diversity of Paris can keep you breathless for days so let our staff from Europa coaches Paris help you by provide you a professional multilingual local guide to accompany you on your adventure through the bustling streets of Paris and its many attractions.

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Hire one of our coaches or minibuses and in only thirty five minutes we can take you to Disneyland Paris where you will meet your favorite Disney characters in five different fantasy lands and ride on more than fifty different attractions. This truly is a fairytale come to life.


Rent one of our buses or minibuses and experience European royalty life style. The Palace of Versailles was the principal residence of the French kings from the time of Louis XIV to Louis XVI. Embellished by several generations of architects, sculptors, decorators and landscape architects, it provided Europe with a model of the ideal royal residence for over a century.


If you wish to visit Normandy region in France and see the D-Day memorials from World War II than take one of our modern coaches where we will take you to Normandy in three hours and a half. Once there do not miss Cean where you can truly grasp the scale of D-Day and all the operations that happened on that historical day in 1944.


Take one of our Charter buses from Paris to Rouen in only two hours. Rouen, the capital of Upper Normandy, is one of France’s most ancient cities. It has a rich religious history and architecture with Notre-Dame Cathedral inspired Monet. Rouen was also the scene of the famous trial and execution of Joan of Arc.

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Europa coaches Paris can easily take you from Paris to Compirgne in only one hour and thirty minutes with one of its charter buses. Compirgne with its stunning royal residence was home of Napoleon III, who held lavish receptions. You can plunge back in history by visiting the château, or known as the Palace of Versailles which was built in a stunning architectural style or take a stroll around the city which has a peaceful atmosphere of provincial tranquility. If you truly wish to experience the city and find out all its secrets than give Europa coaches Paris staff a call and we will arrange you with a local bus for a city tour and its surroundings.


Take one of our buses or minibuses on a two hours drive from Paris to Amiens. If you’re passionate about art and history, if you love gardens or if wish to take a break from busy city streets than, take the time to explore Amiens and its surroundings. From the colours of the Notre-Dame cathedral to Jules Verne’s House, Amiens has many sides to offer.


If you wish to travel north from Paris towards Brussel than you must stop along the way in the city of Lille. Hop on one of our charter buses and take a three hour trip to Lille which is the perfect gateway to many gems like Roubaix, Tourcoing, Kortrijk, Tornai, Mouscron and Ypres. The city center also provides with one of the best water features and a beautiful Central Square where you must try some of their well-known Speculoos cookies with traditional tea.


If you wish to have a tour around the island of Great Britain then why not start the tour in Callais. Hire one of our modern coaches from Paris where we will quickly and comfortably take you to Callais in only four hours. Once there do stroll through their numerous retail outlets, French wine stores and open markets where our drivers will happily show you where you can get the best bargains. Afterwards visit one of their many restaurants to have a taste of their delights made from fresh seafood harvested off the Callaisian coast.

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Europa coaches Paris can take you from Paris to Reims within two hours. This historically significant city has many seductive chocolate shops and glorious medieval architectures such as the 13th Century cathedral of Notre Dame in the heart of Reims. Also you must taste a glass of fine Grand Dame made by famous champagne brand Lovely Bubbly made in Reims.


If you wish to visit the Lorraine region then our coaches or minibuses are at your disposal. In only four hours we will happily take you from Paris to Metz in Lorraine region. This city was suddenly “discovered” when it became European Capital of Culture as Metz is something of a hidden secret, with a host of great bistrots and gourmet restaurants, bars and clubs, shopping centers and markets. Also every other year you can be a part of the largest air balloon festival in Europe and taste their famous “tarte aux mirabelles” If you wish to get more knowledge of Metz please contact Europa coaches Paris staff and we will happily arrange you with a local guide for a sightseeing tour.


Nancy is located in northeastern France, 380 km away from Paris. Its streets provide a panorama of the city’s history, with medieval buildings and Art Nouveau architecture adorning Nancy. You can indulge in such activities as discovering Nancy’s cultural attractions and exploring its verdant parks and upscale shopping districts. Parts of the historical city center are listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.


If you are planning a trip from Paris to Strasbourg then contact Europa coaches Paris staff where we will quickly provide you with a coach or a minibus of your choosing. Strasbourg is home of the European Parliament and over the centuries it has often changed hands between the French and Germans. This often-overlooked and surprisingly cosmopolitan city hosts France’s oldest Christmas market and features a stunning cathedral which is one of Europe’s most beautiful examples of gothic architecture. Make sure to try their local eau de vie fruit liquor while visiting La Petite France, Strasbourg’s prettiest and most enchanting neighborhood.

While planning a trip for Strasbourg, why not take one of our new coaches and also plan a trip to Colmar only one hour away. This medieval city also known as little Venice has a stunningly beautiful and well preserved old town with boat canals. Do not forget to taste some of their native wines and see their colorful Alsatian pottery.

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Rent a coach or a minibus from Paris to Mulhouse where you will be able to reach it in only six hours. Mulhouse is an example of an industrial city with great heritage. It boasts the world’s leading motor museum, a rail museum Cité du Train, plus museums dedicated to decorative textiles, wallpaper and electricity. On the other hand its city center is full of old houses with painted façades, earning it the title of “Ville d’art et d’histoire” (art and history town). If you are traveling in February than you simply must take part in their Mulhouse Carnival which is regarded as one of France’s greatest. We at Europa coaches Paris can also provide you with different city tours and local guides for Mulhouse.


If you love gothic architecture than Chartres is a city you simply must visit. Take one of our high quality buses on a one hour and a half trip from Paris to Chartres. It hosts the largest Gothic cathedral in France and is listed as one of the first UNESCO’s World Heritage Sites. Chartres is also rich in medieval houses, fine churches, narrow streets and stairways leading down to the banks of the River Eure full of little bridges and gardens.


Only 180 km away from Paris, Troyes is within easy reach for our buses and minibuses. Troyes is one of France’s gems with a well-preserved medieval town and old streets full of restored half-timbered houses. Their different colored facades creating a delightful patchwork of color and some of them may even lean a little due to settling which creates a unique impression. Our driver will take you for a wine tasting to the oldest shop in Troyes opposite the cathedral. There you can buy Prunelle de Troyes which they have been making since 1840.


Short four hours drive from Paris to Dijon is all it takes for our high quality coaches to reach it. Dijon has an interesting medieval core with Renaissance mansions, and museums. Today Dijon is a modern regional capital with many cultural events, shops, and restaurants which can be easily explored with the help of our experienced drivers. And of course do not miss on Dijon’s famous mustard, and many local Burgundy wines. If you want to know the city Dijon in more detail than let us know and we will hire a local guide for a city tour of Dijon.

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Rent a bus or a minibus and join one of our wine tasting tours across region of Burgundy only four hours away from Paris. Any true wine lover must visit the region of Burgundy and at the very heart of it lays the historic city Beaune where they have been making wines since 300 BC. Le Marché aux Vins is the primary example of many wineries with long traditions that have made home in this historic city.


Hire one of our buses or minibuses to Renaissance inspired Lyon. Take a stroll in the largest park in France Tete d’Or found in the heart of Lyon or visit National Opera House with its huge glass dome and stunning performances. Europa coaches Paris can also provide you with a local guide that will give you a sightseeing tour worth remembering.


We at Europa coaches Paris can provide with buses or minibuses and take you on a tour from Paris to Grenoble also known as the capital of the Alps. This alpine city hosts the Winter Olympics, and is a hub for skiing, alpinism and a focal point for a growing scientific industrial center. Also one must try Raclette their delicious cheese served with many different tasty dishes.


Take an excursion by our coaches or mini buses from Paris to Nice. The rich blue-green sea with its sandy beaches, diverse shopping, splendid dining and lovely art-deco facades are only few things which Nice can deliver. While there why not visit Monaco on the way where you can take a drive with our bus or a minibus on its famous Circuit de Monaco where Formula One motor race is held each year since 1929.

Nice 1 Nice 2


Hire one of our buses or minibuses and take an eight hours drive from Paris to Avignon. This city has kept its ancient appearance with its medieval city walls. Avignon also has wonderful tree-lined streets and intriguing passageways, leading to picturesque squares, shops, galleries, churches and museums. A must see is its Palace of Popes and nearby the lush green gardens of Rocher des Doms.


If you wish to visit Aix-en-Provence then contact us at Europa coaches Paris and we will happily provide you with a modern bus to take you on a eight hours journey from Paris to Aix.
Aix-en-Provence is one of the most accessible cities in France. Its cultural heritage can be discovered simply by walking around the town. From Saint-Sauveur to Villeneuve, then further to Cours Mirabeau and the Mazarin Quarter, Aix-en-Provence loves showing off its beauty with pride. And do not forget to spend some time window-shopping at some of Aix’s boutiques, which are scattered in both old and new towns.

While there why not visit Arles only one hour away from Aix-en-Provence with our buses. Arles is one of the most popular tourist destinations in France, let alone Provence. With its Roman arena and many Vincent van Gogh works scattered across the whole province and many other landmarks it truly is a place you cannot miss.


If you want to visit Cote d’Azur region in France, don’t miss Marseille. After nine hours of drive by our buses or minibuses you will be able to reach Marseille from Paris. Climb to Notre–Dame de La Garde, the church noted for its stunning golden Madonna or taste Marseille’s most iconic dish Bouillabaisse while enjoying the view of Mediterranean Sea. Marseille has much to offer so let Europa coaches Paris staff help you by providing you with a local guide, to make the sightseeing of Marseille fulfilling and enjoyable.


In only eight hours our new and comfortable coaches will easily take you from Paris to Montpellier, the capital of the Languedoc Region of France. The city is beautiful, filled with medieval architecture and rich in history. Place de la Comedie is a must see, located in the heart of Montpellier lined with boutiques, sidewalk cafes, markets and boutiques where you can truly come to appreciate the magic of this city.

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Our buses and minibuses regularly go from Paris to Nimes to visit this Mediterranean city. Nimes is a city with two thousand years of history which are displayed around the city with cathedrals, roman temple, amphitheater, gardens and the medieval market town of Uzès. Here you can wander through streets and squares and look at the historically finest collection of Roman remains in France.


Embark on a nine hours adventure from Paris to Perpignan with our high quality coaches. Perpignan attractions feature a diverse and stunning mix of unique architecture, museums and sights, some dating back centuries and many reflecting the unique Catalan influences of both France and Spain. Do not miss the city’s most identifiable 700 year old landmark Le Castillet.


If you love Medieval castles than you simply must visit Carcassonne. Only eight hours drive with our buses from Paris this city is entirely enclosed medieval fortress. The massive castle atop of the hill provides broad views of the lower city below. In Carcassonne, visitors stroll along the cobblestone streets, browsing shops selling Medieval wares, or nibbling on the classic peasant stew cassoullet at various cafes. Because every corner of this Medievel city has a story to tell, you simply must see it with a local guide who Europa coaches Paris will happily provide.


Lourdes is one of our main destinations for our coaches and minibuses. This bustling Pyrenees village is best known for its famous Virgin Mary sightings and spiritual atmosphere where many pilgrims come annually. Also do not miss to go and see the enormous Basilica of the Rosary and if you are more of an outdoor type there are many activities from you to choose from such as skiing, hiking, mountain biking, kayaking and more.

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If your destination is the Midi Pyrenees region and Toulouse city then contact Europa coaches Paris where we can provide you with best modern coaches and take you there in less than eight hours. Rich in history, yet hip and lively, the enchanting Toulouse is one of France’s most beautiful cities. The city’s Place du Capitole, with the typical pink stone of Toulouse’s buildings, and the capital square serve as a hub of activity. Shops and cafés line the perimeter, and a massive market is held in the courtyard. Toulouse is France’s fourth-largest city, and has been voted the best place to live in France.


Let our coaches or minibuses take you to a pretty village of Albi France, with its old building facades and its quaint old town. Also known as the birthplace of the famous artist, Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec and his displayed works of art as well as for their wide variety of markets which offer something for everyone.


If you wish to take a break from the bustling streets of major cities than let our coaches or minibuses take you from Paris to the beautiful and central Auvergne region of France in less than six hours. Auvergne region provides a mountain scenery of the Massif Central, luxurious thermal spas and outstanding cuisine. It is centrally located in the middle of a triangle formed by the South of France, Loire Valley and Paris.


When touring France it is worth making a detour, partly to see this strange old town, with its three high pinnacles of basalt rock dominating the town and to visit their many shops where people are making medieval costumes in preparation for the festival of the Bird King. That is also when Le Puy comes to life with street theaters, concerts, events, special taverns and a lot of stalls selling local artisanal goods.

Le Puy 1 Le Puy 2


If you fancy a young and dynamic city than let our coaches or minibuses take you from Paris to Clermont Ferrand in only five hours. Go to the part known as the Black Town where the houses and the superb cathedral are built from volcanic rock and make sure to visit La Chaumière for their delicious, buttery croissants.


If you truly wish to see a shopping paradise then rent one of our luxury buses or minibuses and we will take you from Paris to Bordeaux in seven hours. In Bordeaux there are some of the world’s most popular brand names such as Cartier, Hermes, Louis Vuitton, Hugo Boss, Mont Blanc, Christian Lacroix, Rolex and Tartine et Chocolat. With the help of our experienced drivers you will easily cover the best shopping locations in Bordeaux.

After your tour of Bordeaux why not go with one of our coaches to Arcachon located on the Atlantic coast southwest of Bordeaux only one hour away. Arcachon has long been known as one of the most relaxed and beautiful towns on the Silver Coast. With miles of golden beaches and crystal turquoise waters, nestled alongside small sandbanks you would think you were in the Maldives!


La Rochelle is only six hours drive from Paris if you wish to hire our coaches. The city is a very interesting and laid back town with a fascinating old port area surrounded by three 14th century towers. La Rochelle features a medieval city, a port lined with cafes, ice cream shops, and seafood restaurants, as well as some interesting museums. There is also a modern aquarium with a floating Maritime Museum and a variety of boating trips for you to choose from. From La Rochelle you can also easily take a trip by our coach to visit the vineyards of Bordeaux and Cognac.


Rent a bus for a day and travel from Paris to Poitiers. Sitting on a hilltop overlooking two rivers, Poitiers is a country town with a unique charm that comes from a long and sometimes influential history. It’s most well-known landmark Notre-Dame-la-Grande made in 11th century is a must see where you can witness the birth of Jesus Christ with the Twelve Apostles and Baptistry of St. John which is one of the oldest Christian buildings in Europe. To fully appreciate the rich history of Poitiers we at Europa coaches Paris can provide you with a professional multilingual local guide that will take you on a tour of the city.

Vue d'ensemble du Parc en 2010. Notre-Dame-La-Grande XIe XIIe siècle, sa façade sculptée est un chef-d'oeuvre unanimement reconnu de l'art religieux de cette période.


The distance between Loire Valley and Paris is only three hours drive. The Loire Valley keeps and castles are magnificent with diverse gardens to wander through full of orchards, of fruit trees and sweet smelling flowers. You can’t fully experience Loire Valles unless you visit the Gardens at Ainy-le-Vieil Chateau which are divided in to different garden rooms, each with separate themes and characteristics. There is also Marvel at Bourges Cathedral and its astonishing Stained Glass which is recognized as one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites.


The tour by bus or a minibus from Paris to Nantes takes less than five hours. This historic capital of the dukes of Britanny, Nantes offers a rich cultural experience, immersing you within a lively medieval atmosphere with features and surprises to be discovered around every corner of Nantes’ cobbled streets, especially around the castle Chateau des Ducs de Bretagne which is the very heart and soul of the city.


You can easily reach the historical city of Angers from Paris with our charter buses. It boasts a formidable medieval castle d’Angers with boulevards, fine squares and family-run cafes serving world-famous liqueur. Once there you simply must take a tram to the remarkable Terra Botanica. This theme park is entirely devoted to plants and hosts diverse abundant habitats of the world from tulip gardens to living prehistoric trees.


Rent a coach and go on a two hours trip from Paris to world famous Le Mans. Known for its twenty-four hours endurance races and fabulous old cars, motor memorabilia and photos of stirring races this city truly is a place for young and old motorsport fans. In Le Mans don’t miss its nightlife where the city springs up to life with its light show where the cathedral, the ramparts and the Jacobin fountain are painted with illuminated bright colours.

Le Mans 1 General view of the start of the racetrack during the 80th 24-hour Le Mans endurance race, in Le Mans, western France, Saturday, June 16, 2012. (AP Photo/Bob Edme)


Take a trip from Paris to Rennes the capital of Brittany in western France. Capture the fairy-tale feel of Rennes with its crooked houses from the 18th century and laid-back markets that stand where medieval jousting tournaments once took place. Rennes is also a great gateway to many landmarks such as picturesque Mont Saint Michel, an hour away with our buses, or Saint-Malo a charming seaside resort. And if you love the legend of King Arthur than only half an hour away is the Forest of Brocéliande.


Take an excursion by our coaches or mini buses from Paris to Quimper. The former capital of La Cornouaille has remained a very Breton town with deeply rooted traditions. At the heart of the Quimper is the proud Cathedral of Saint-Corentin with its 15th century stained windows. You must also try their delicious savory sweet crêpes accompanied by a cup of Breton cider. Europa coaches Paris can also provide you with sightseeing tours lead by local guides to fully experience this traditional city.