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Europa coaches Paris regularly provides tours to Spain. This beautiful and diverse country has much to offer and with a wide variety of cities to choose from such as Barcelona, Madrid, Girona, Valencia, Zaragoza and more there is something to be found for everyone.



If you are planning a tour to Barcelona then why not stop in Girona along the way. Choose one of many Europa coaches Paris buses or minibuses, which will suit your needs. Girona has some of Catalonia’s most exquisite medieval architecture such as gothic inspired Cathedral of Girona. You should also take a boat sightseeing tour on River Onyar and see Florence-styled colorful houses stacked up on the riverfront.


Embark on a grand tour using our fully equipped buses and minibuses from Paris to Barcelona, known as one of the most vibrant cities in Spain. Barcelona has some of the most unique and inspiring architecture in the world, so a tour of the city’s parks (The Magic Fountain), museums (Picasso Museum) and churches (La Sagrada Familia church) is a must see. If you are traveling in September than you must join Barcelona La Mercè five day Festival which will leave you with a lasting impression for years to come. If you wish to know the city in detail, Europa coaches Paris can provide you with a guidance service in many foreigner languages.


Take a tour with one of our coaches or minibuses from Paris to Zaragoza which stands out as one of the finest examples of Muslim architecture in Spain outside of Andalusia, with Aljaferia castle being the prime example. Also not to miss are the old city walls and the Basilica de Nuestra Senora del Pilar. Eating in this city can be an adventure in its self, as it offers a diverse menu with the blending of four cultures, and recipes that have been preserved from generation to generation such as the traditional cheese tapas Zaragoza.


Hire one of our modern coaches or minibuses and go on a tour from Paris to Madrid the capital of Spain and bullfights. Madrid boasts with many wonderful landmarks such as the Royal Palace, the largest royal palace in Western Europe or the Puerta del Sol, Madrid’s central square where you can visit their famous restaurants and taste their local cuisines while watch the best flamenco dancers in the world. Europa coaches Paris can organize guided tours by providing multilingual local guide so you will be able to make the most of your tour to Madrid and enjoy the colorful history and major attractions of this beautiful city.


The fascinating country of Italy provides many interesting destinations for sightseeing tours by bus or a minibus. We at Europa coaches Paris can offer you with many different tours which cover numerous Italian cities such as the city of Turin, the Renaissance influenced Florence, the capital of fashion Milan, the beautiful Venice and the capital city Rome to only name a few.

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After nine hours’ drive by our fully equipped coaches you can reach the magical Turin from Paris. The city is well known to any true Ferrari enthusiast where you will be able to visit their famous Ferrari automobile factory. City also has a sweet fragrance thanks to its famous chocolate pralines and hot chocolate drinks.


Take a shopping tour from Paris to Milano by our high quality buses or minibuses. Also known as the city of fashion with over 50 leading representatives in the industry such as Gucci, Armani, Emilio Pucci to name a few, the city will definitely satisfy all fashion enthusiasts. Our experienced drivers will take you to best known shopping malls in the area by coach or mini bus.


If you wish to visit Liguria region in Italy then do not miss Genova. By renting one of our modern buses you will easily and comfortably reach your destination. It has excellent seafood cuisines, that you simply must try while enjoying the beautiful Ligurian sea sunset in the midst of Genova’s lovely seaside villas and its sandy beaches.


If you wish to experience Italy at its finest then Venice is worth to visit. Hire one of our new coaches or mini buses and embark on a journey to the City of bridges which is considered by many to be one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Our staff at Europa coaches Paris can also arrange sightseeing tours with professional multilingual local guides.


Join one of our Italy tours and journey to Florence by our coaches or minibuses. Florence, the symbol of Renaissance offers some of the greatest works of art. Uffizi gallery and Michelangelo’s magnificent marble statue of David is a must see. From Florence you can take a short trip to Pisa, where you must take a photo of yourself supporting the leaning tower of Pisa.


Rent a bus or a minibus and travel to Siena, the embodiment of a medieval city with its Gothic appearance and twisting alleyways. Once there make sure to stop at Piazza del Campo where they perform bareback horse races every year for the past 400 years.


You have not experienced Italy until you were to Rome. Europa coaches Paris regularly organizes tours from Paris to this fascinating Italian capital city with its rich historical landmarks and its great works of art. Due to Rome’s size our bus or minibus will be of great help as they will quickly take you from your hotel to the historical old town and its many landmarks. Like this you will be able to enjoy the whole city to its fullest in a short amount of time and do not forget to visit Vatican-the center of Christianity. You can also have a panoramic sightseeing of Rome by our coach or mini bus or if you are more historical orientated the staff of Europa coaches Paris will provide you a Rome sightseeing tour with professional multilingual local guide.


Situated right next to France the fascinating alpine country of Switzerland provides many interesting tourist destinations worth a visit. Our buses and minibuses regularly have tours across Switzerland where you can explore Zurich, Bern, Interlaken, Geneva, Jungfrau, Luzerne and more.

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Hire one of our high quality buses or minibuses and take seven hours journey to Laussane also known as the “San Francisco” of Switzerland because of its hills and beauty. Situated on the shores of Lake Geneva, Laussane is home to Switzerland’s largest University, and features many music festivals and great nightlife. For the best lookout of the city go to the stunning Cathédrale de Lausanne with rose windows from where you will be able to make stunning pictures of the landscape.


Go on a two days tour to Bern with our Europa coaches Paris fully equipped coaches. There you can visit Einstein’s house where he lived for 7 years and wrote his theory of relativity or go and see Bern’s Bear Park and its 4 famous bears. If you have time take a trip to Genève which is only two hours away. There among other things you will be able to see Genève’s water fountain on Lac Lèman lake which propels water up to 140 meters.


Hire one of our fully equipped buses and let Europa coaches Paris take you on an eight hours journey to Lucerne. Due to its location the region embodies almost everything that defines Switzerland: an Old Town dating back to the Middle Ages, a crystal clear mountain lake and great panoramas of the Swiss Alps. For those that wish to shop, Lucerne provides small shops, stalls and stores on virtually every street corner selling wristwatches and traditional Swiss handicrafts. You can also find a lot of good boutiques and stores which sell all kind of high quality wares. Our experienced drivers can take you to all the best shopping places Lucerne has to offer.


Take an excursion by one of our buses or minibuses from Paris to Zurich, the largest city in Switzerland. There you can take a shopping tour through their many world renowned products such as Swiss watches, Swiss army knives and toys. With the help of our drivers you will easily cover the best shopping locations in Zurich. Do not forget to taste their famous Swiss cheese (Emmenthal, Appenzeller, Gruyère, Raclette, Royalp) and chocolates (Lindt, Suchard, Cailler, Munz…).


Germany is only a seven hours drive from Paris so why not hop on one of our tours across Germany where you can spend your holidays exploring it’s great cities of Frankfurt, Munich or Berlin to name a few. Germany awaits you.

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For all those beer enthusiasts and thrill seekers visiting Munich is a must. Europa coaches Paris can quickly arrange you a bus or a minibus and take you to your destination. Munich Breweries are world known and if you are a true beer lover you simply must join the world’s largest fair Oktoberfest lasting for 16 days. You can also take a thrilling high speed ride down the Blomberg mountain or visit Olympic stadium of Munich with its sweeping and transparent canopies of acrylic glass.


Take one of our luxury coaches or minibuses from Paris to Frankfurt on one of our regular tours. There you can choose between the modern skyscrapers filled Frankfurt or go to its famous square of Romerberg located in the old part of the town. Do not forget to taste the original Frankfurter and if your visiting in December their colorful Christmas Markets.


Our high quality coaches and minibuses can easily take you from Paris to Cologne in only six hours. This vibrant, modern metropolis surrounding the river Rhine boasts also a 2000 year old history since Roman Empire. 750 years old Cologne Cathedral is the largest cathedral in the world and a must see and if you have someone you hold dear, do not forget to bring a padlock with you so you will be able to join the rest of the lovers on Padlock Bridge. Also do not miss on their famous Kölsh beer in one of their many brew houses only a stone throw away from the Chathedral.


Rent a coach from Europa coaches Paris and take a tour from Paris through Lover Saxony to Berlin. Go under Brandenburg Gate, Germany’s most visited landmark, then have a breathtaking view over Berlin from Fernsehturm the tallest structure in Germany. After be sure to go to North Mitte where with the help of our buses you can go on a shopping tour and tackle Europa’s largest department store. After a long fruitful day do treat yourself to their classic currywurst.


One of our most visited destinations for our buses and minibuses must be Belgium. Internationally famous for its beer, museums and Jean-Claude Van Damme, Belgium is at the crossroad of Western Europe, surrounded by France, Luxembourg, Germany and the Netherlands. Full of hidden treasures, the country possess amazing architectural wonders, charming and lively cities where you will be sure to experience Europe at its best.

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Europa coaches Paris regularly organizes tours to the capital city of Belgium. Also seen as the capital of European Union, Brussels is a historic city with a very modern flare. It is an important international city, home to many EU institutions, the headquarters of NATO, and a mixture of cultures. In December Brussels’ Grand Place is magically transformed into a winter wonderland, and in June join Ommegang Festival when the whole city transforms so you will be able to relive the events from the 16th century that shaped this city in to what it is today. Also do not miss the carpet of flowers in the center of grand place.


Our fleet of buses and minibuses regularly visit this colorful country. Netherlands is crisscrossed with canals and bridges due to half of the country being below sea level, with its historic town centers, classic windmills, protective dunes, sandy beaches and other landmarks sprinkled across the country it’s a must see country. During springtime Holland takes on new life due to many flower gardens providing a bold spectacle of vivid colors.

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Hire a coach or a minibus to Amsterdam, capital of the Netherlands. It has been called the “Venice of the North” for it’s more than one hundred kilometers of canals, about 90 islands and with over 1,500 bridges, a boat tour of Amsterdam’s canals is a sightseeing must. Also see Amsterdam’s famous floating flower market and experience Heineken the second largest beer maker in the world.


From bustling cities with its great heritage and diverse culture to its countryside from South coast to Scottish lochs, Great Britain has it all. Let Europa coaches Paris accompany you on your journey where we will be delighted to take you to Britain’s many cities and landmarks such as London, Oxford, Bristol, Manchester, Glasgow and many more.

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Embark on one of our great tours across Europa all the way to London. Due to its diversities there is something for anyone. Meet the British Royal Family, take a ride on the world’s highest observation wheel, experience the colorful night life or go on a shopping tour through its many shopping centers. With the help of our experienced drivers you will easily cover the best shopping locations London has to offer in no time.


Austria is a true alpine country with many mountain ranges and deep glacial / river valleys. Let Europa coaches Paris takes you on an excursion with our coaches or minibuses through its capital cities such as Vienna, Salzburg, Innsburg, Graz and Linz.

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If you wish to travel from Paris to Salzburg with a bus or a minibus than contact Europa coaches Paris staff. Our experienced drivers will quickly and safely transport you to Baroque inspired Salzburg. If you love classic music then you have to see the great composer’s birth place and hear Mirabell Palace Concerts in world famous Marble Concert Hall where young Mozart himself was a regular performer. Don’t forget to drink a traditional 1-litre-Stein of “Märzen” and taste Salzburgs famous Mozertkugel.


Take a tour by our bus or a minibus from Paris to Innsbruck. This world known ski resort will satisfy the needs of even the most veteran skiers. While there why not go and visit the highest zoo in Europa where you will be able to meet some of the rarest animals still alive.


Hire a coach or a minibus and go on a tour from Paris to Vienna. Walk in the footsteps of the Habsburgs, visit the splendid baroque Schönbrunn and Belvedere Palaces, or take a look at the heart of the former vast Habsburg Empire, the Imperial Palace. If you love animals than you absolutely have to visit Schönbrunn Zoo in Vienna, the oldest existing zoo in the world. Before you start the tour don’t forget to contact Europa coaches Paris to arrange you a local guide for your city tour.


Hire one of our buses or minibuses and you will travel from Paris to Slovenia. This small mosaic like country comes with great diversity and beauty where our coaches can take you to all the major landmarks Slovenia has to offer. Ljubljana, Maribor, Koper, Bled, Bohinj, Postojna, Kranjska Gora are just some of the places you simply have to see.

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Our modern coaches will comfortably and safely take you from Paris to Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia. During winter you simply must see its dreamy central European character that prevails and during summer it has a relaxed Mediterranean feel to it. It is remarkable for its rich tradition, youthful vibrancy, cultural creativity, feel for entertainment, and numerous green spaces.


Embark on one of our Eastern Mediterranean tours with our high quality buses or minibuses, where the journey will take though Germany, Austria and Slovenia. Croatia is not only a spectacular country due to its gorgeous beaches, green forested valleys, turquoise Adriatic Sea waters, and beautiful Mediterranean cities such as Zadar, Trogir, Makarska, Šibenik, Split, Zagreb and Dubrovnik which have kept their old romantic flair but also for its vast offerings of traditional culinary specialties, adventurous excursions, numerous festivals and entertaining events which are offered throughout the year especially in the summer months. Europa coaches Paris staff will provide you with a local guide in each city, who will explain you a rich Dalmatian history.

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Rent a coach or a minibus from Paris to Zagreb, the capital city of Croatia and home to numerous cultural, governmental, recreational attractions and buildings. The charm of Zagreb is created through the varying people that inhabit it and its many landmarks that can be found in it. Something that you must not miss out on is a visit to the Dolac Market, which is Croatia’s largest outdoor market and later watch people on Jelacic square from above, in one of the many cafes overlooking the square. This major metropolis offers something for every individual, so let Europa coaches Paris help you on your tour by providing you with a local multilingual guide to accompany you on your exploration of Zagreb.